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Competition Rules & Past Winners

Christian Magicians UK runs competitions each year. You can find a list of past winners, rules and regulations of the competitions and various other questions on this page. Christian Magicians UK have three main Trophies.

The Peter McCahon Trophy for outstanding comedy.

Not awarded each year. A member must be nominated to the trustees. Even then it may not meet the high standards and be presented

 2022  Steve Price
 2021  not awarded
 2020  David O'Connor
 2019  not awarded
 2018  Simon Williams
 2017  David O'Connor
 2016  Denis Clark
 2015  Mark Shortland
 2014  not awarded
 2013  Barry Birchall
 2012  Denis Clark
 2011  David O'Connor
 2010  not awarded
 2009  Joe Ridgley
 2008  Steve Price
 2007  Duncan Swan
 2006  Denis Clark

Young Magicians

 2017  Cam Walsh
 2016  Charlie Herbert
 2015  Charlie Herbert

The Trophy for best Stage performance


Our stage competition trophy run Biannually at our conference. This is a showcase of the best Christian performers and their stage presentations often used in outreach

 2022  Brian Cupples
 2021  no competition
 2020  Rikki Twigg
 2019  no competition
 2018  Cam Walsh
 2017  no competition
 2016  Steve Price
 2015 no competition
 2014  David Hatch
 2013  no competition
 2011  Brian Hodge
 2010  Volker de Haas
 2009  Matt Pritchard
 2008  Rikki Twigg
 2007  Steve Price
 2006  Mario Morris
 2005  Simon Williams
 2004  Nathan Ward
 2003  Jon Bonner
 2002  Simon Williams
 2001  no competition
 2000  Peter McCahon
 1999  Volker de Haas
 1998  Andrew Jeffrey
 1997  Mark Shortland

The Close Up Trophy for best Close up set

Run biannually at our conference to highlight the best of our memberships close up skills. A range of scenarios can present themselves, parlour, walk around and table.

 2022  no competition
 2021  no competition
 2020  no competition
 2019  Marillian Welz
 2018  no competition
 2017  Steve Price
 2016  no competition
 2014 no competition
 2013  Steve Price
 2011  Brian Colling
 2010  David O'Connor
 2009  Duncan Swan
 2008  Matt Pritchard
 2007  Volker de Haas
 2006  Tony Maidment
 2005  Mario Morris
 2004  Jon Bonner
 2003  Peter Dommel
 2002  Peter Dommel
 2001  no competition
 2000  John van der Put

Next Competition Details

There will be no competition at the 2023 conference. Our next competition date will therefore role over to the 2024 event. All competitors for all trophies must be fully paid up members before commencement of the performance.

Rules will be published below


The conference committee reserve the right to change the following rules at any time at their discretion. However, we understand that you need a framework to work around and practice.

The entrant will need to sign up to the competition 24 hours before commencement. They will need another member to second them. The competitor must attend the conference in person and cannot enter virtually. 

The performance shall be a minimum of 8 minutes long and a maximum of 12 minutes in length.

Penalties will be in place for for those who finish early or late (1 vote lost for each 10 seconds outside the time. So if a performer was a minute and 10 seconds over the 12 minute maximum then 7 votes would be removed from that performers total). The judges may stop a performance should it over run excessively. We strongly suggest that you time your performance before the conference to avoid any penalties and to prevent a premature stoppage to your presentation

The vote shall be by public vote. The audience will vote for their favourite performance. The total number of votes will be added and in the case of a draw it shall fall upon the votes of the conference committee. If the votes are still split then the chairs vote shall be the decider. 

NOTE: Although the audience vote on their favourite performance it must be remembered that this is a Christian Magic convention. We may before the competition and/or judging remind the audience of this fact. Asking them to consider giving Gospel content a higher rating than other performance areas such as trick selection or presentation.

The awarding of the trophy will be by conference committee and their decision or ruling will be final.

By entering the competition you agree that your performance can be live streamed to virtual conference ticket holders.