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 The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is the members only magic club hosted on Zoom video conferencing. This allows members to catch up with each other, share ideas and get the latest info on new products that we can use as christian magicians. 

Fully paid up members will receive an email with the zoom link and passwords. This will be sent on the day of the meeting. Members must be fully paid up BEFORE the day of the meeting to guarantee receiving the codes via email.

The clubhouse is open 8pm till 10pm
on the 1st  Tuesday of each month.


Please make sure you join the meeting promptly at 8pm. The host will need to individually approve you all as you join the meeting, so you may need to wait a few seconds while we do this for everybody at the start.

Please note that the Clubhouse can only be accessed via the link on the email. You cannot access it via the website

Tuesday 2nd April

Subject: Club Night (Help me!)

Host: David O'Connor

Tech: Richard Colpus

This month will be split into two parts. The first part will called "Help me!" in which three members will be bringing effects that they are having difficulties with, or need assistance with the message or blocking. the second part will be the usual bring and share. Start sat 8pm as usual


Tuesday 7th May

Subject: Speaking Clearly
& To script or not to script, that is the question

Host: David O'Connor

Tech: TBC

The first of tonight's mini lectures is Speaking Clearly and Public speaking, followed by one on scripting. We have touched on scripting before but tonight its based on slightly more practical side of things to compliment the first half

Tuesday 4th June

Subject: Bron Interview

Host: David O'Connor

Tech: TBC

This month we have an interview with Bron, a member of the CMUK who has in the past few years become almost a permanent t feature at the Magic Circle. Bron has a very unique style.

This will be followed by a bring and share members 

Tuesday 2nd July

Subject: Radio Magic

Host: Nick Lear

Tech: David O'Connor

A night of radio magic. Effects suitable for radio. A short first half talk by Nick Lear on his experiences performing on radio. This will be followed by a members bring and share on the same subject

Next Auction before the Clubhouse: TBC

There are no dates planned for the immediate future

We will be auctioning off some magic effects donated from our members. Some of these have been kindly passed on to us via David Mathers estate. The rules of the auction are as follows:

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL START AT 7.30 (before clubhouse)

You can only take part in the auction by being both an Active member and attending the clubhouse on the night of the auction

Payments for successful bids should be made by the winner before the end of the meeting via the donations button on the website. Please use the AUCTION Donation button once on the donations page, or use the link.

The auctioneers decision on the day is final. Winning lots will be posted within 7 days via Hermes or Royal Mail
If the reserve price is not met then the lot will remain unsold. your bid includes postal costs to the UK mainland. Other postcodes and international postage will incur extra fees.

To view the Lots for sale at the next clubhouse
(these will available to view on the weekend before the event)

View Auction Lots

Don't know how to use Zoom?

Zoom is an interactive conferencing program. To use zoom all you nee to do is to go to the website and download the 'zoom client'. this will dramaticaly improve your zoom experience. It is also advisable for you to sign up for the FREE version of zoom. All you need is an email to do this. Again this will vastly improve the quality of the video and audio when you join us. When you start zoom you will need to 'allow' zoom to access your audio or camera when prompted.